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We at Blue Ridge respect the environment and work hard to support this unique and beautiful area that is Fiordland (a World Heritage area) by undertaking a number of actions. Thus, we have developed an environmental plan and welcome your support of this initiative. We invite you to join with us by enjoying our hospitality and understanding our environmental policy.

Environmental Plan

We are reducing our demand on energy / water as follows:-

Environmental Plan
  • Our Home and Accommodation units are well insulated, have double glazing and are sited to make maximum use of the sun's energy
  • We use on demand gas for hot water heating in our self-contained guest accommodation units
  • We use the cold or warm / cold water cycle to do laundry wherever possible
  • We have an energy efficient washer, dryer dishwasher and fridge / freezer
  • We hang most of our laundry outside to dry (weather permitting)
  • We use energy efficient light bulbs for lighting inside (100%) and motion sensor or timer activated lighting outside (50%)
  • We have a policy to replace all appliances with the most energy efficient models when necessary
  • We have timers on our under-floor heating
  • We have energy efficient heat pumps to heat our home and accommodation units
  • We also have a Yunca clean burning wood burner and burn only sustainable timber (from stands of timber that have been cut down because they are noxious or no longer viable)
  • We buy locally where possible and purchase supplies in bulk where practical
  • We grow some of our own berries, vegetables and herbs
  • We offer a towel and linen change policy to our guests

We are reducing waste by:-

Waste Reduction
  • We take our recyclable rubbish (plastics, glass, cans, tins, newspaper and cardboard) to the recycling station and offer you the opportunity to place your recyclable rubbish in the black recycle bins provided behind the guest units
  • We have a worm farm for composting organic kitchen and garden waste, plus some cardboard and newspaper
  • We heavily mulch our gardens in the autumn, applying a mixture of chipped garden waste and leaves – this helps to retain moisture and suppress weed growth
  • We have a timer on our irrigation system
  • We have a silver ioniser in our spa pool to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals used
  • We print documents from computer, only when necessary,using refillable ink cartridges and recycle waste paper through fax machine or cut up and use for scrap paper

We are reducing pollution by:-

Pollution Reduction
  • We use biodegradable / environmentally friendly cleaning products, buying in bulk to save plastic and freight
  • We use biodegradable (made from potato starch) bin liners, which break down in the environment completely within 18 months
  • We use recycled paper toilet paper and tissues
  • We buy locally produced organic free range eggs and recycle the egg cartons back to the supplier
  • We buy organically grown lavender toiletries in bulk and decant into refillable pump containers to reduce plastic waste
  • We keep our vehicles well maintained
  • We wash our vehicles on gravel driveway to ensure pollutants do not enter the storm-water drains

We conserve water by:-

  • Watering our gardens in the evenings or early morning
  • Using water efficient washing machines and dishwasher


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